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Kazuki Yone @ LJ


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This is a fan community on livejournal dedicated to the artist Kazuki Yone. The illustrator for many famous series such as Hiiro no Kakera, Hakuouki, Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden Kagami no Miko (PS2 game), Hoshi no Noboru Toki(星の降る刻) and 華鬼


Discussions are welcome, but please respect each other's opinions; no calling names, pairing/character bashing, etc. that would spark flame wars.

Please also put media sharing posts under a member lock. And as a note, sharing a link to a locked post in an open-membership comm is okay, but linking to a friends locked post on a personal lj is a no no. Linking to a money-making site will get your post and your membership deleted.

All sharing in this community are to be properly credited and are for your personal use only. If they were found shared on other community without the uploader's permission, you will be banned

When posting fanfics, fanarts or images, that are large in quantity, please place it behind an LJ-cut.

When posting icons, the max number of teasers allowed is 3, and banner size is anything below 350 x 250, if there's more than that, please put them behind an lj-cut.

Please tag your entries! If there isn't a tag, just make a note somewhere on your post and I'll add one for you.

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